by sentimentalsurrealist


Yesterday I went to the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City, which had an exhibition on memento mori art. Though the pieces on display were beautiful and captivating, representing how different world cultures react to the eventuality of death, one of my favorite parts of the exhibit was its title, a floor-to-ceiling sign with white block lettering on a black background that simply read “REMEMBER THAT YOU WILL DIE.” The sign beautifully pulled together the idea (and literal meaning) of memento mori in a visually arresting way, and immediately reminded me of one of my favorite passages of Don DeLillo’s Underworld:

We’re all gonna die!”

This cracked him up. He bent from the waist laughing and seemed to be using the mike as a geiger counter, waving it over the floorboards.


And the audience sat there thinking, How real can the crisis be if we’re…

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